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23 May

What does it mean to be vegan in a world that, well, isn’t vegan?


I didn’t know the answer to that question until after 12 years of vegetarianism – and the revelation that I had 3 extremely severe food intolerances (to gluten, corn, and casein) – I decided to pull the proverbial wool (animal reference intended) from off my eyes and see for myself!

I wouldn’t have guessed that I would one day live this way, but in giving up the exploitation, use, and consumption of animals, I live in a world that is more vivid, delicious, and lovely.

It is also infinitely more complex than before. Every day reveals a new discovery about life in the 21st century that would not have been possible without lifting the veil.

I’m maybe only a little bit wiser now, but more resolute in my decision – and I’m going to blog about it all, sans the sugar-coating. From gardening, to volunteering, to what I see in the media and society at large, to product reviews, recipes, traveling and working as a vegan with serious food intolerances, and being vegan in the day-to-day in general! The sum total of it all will be an exploration of what it means to have a ‘safe kitchen’ and how to cultivate ‘humane homes’ (our soul and brain containing bodies, the physical living spaces we inhabit and visit – and the planet) for people and animals.

Now that you know why I’m tip-tapping away, tell me why you’re here!

a. Are you vegan, too, or in the process of becoming?  Welcome! We/the animals need YOU! Keep on keeping on and coming back, cool cats and kittens. Penny for your thoughts!

b. Do you have a sinking suspicion that maybe it’s time for a change? Are you starting to believe that this really is a damn good life and you’d like to live it to your fullest, for as many years as you can, with a ‘low impact, compassion for all’ approach? Maybe living vegan would benefit you!* But where to start?

c. Has a family member called and announced they won’t be eating your family recipe for sausage and oyster stuffing this Thanksgiving? Was your child was suddenly diagnosed with Celiac’s (it’ll be okay)? Or are you simply having difficulty wrapping your head around the whole ‘vegan’ thing that everyone seems to be talking about these days?

This one is especially for you, my friends in Groups ‘b’ and ‘c’! Happy reading and doing.

As we say in my house every morning before we drink our daily juice, L’Chaim, all around!






*I am not a nutritionist or health expert of any kind – ! I write from personal experience. You should consult with a health professional or three before radically changing your diet and to assess for any existing health problems!


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